Salt & Light is first and foremost about my Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, whom came down from heaven as God in person, spotless and sinless, yet died on a cross for me while I was still a sinner.  Glory to God that He arose from that grave three days later as victor over sin and death, and made the only way for me and all mankind to be reconciled to God Creator.

My hope is that all I share points to Him, and simply reveals His grace and mercy in my journey in a growing relationship with God Himself, through Jesus Christ.  I’ve always had it in me to want to share so many things that the Lord has shown me since I first came to know him at the age of 5, and this seemed the best way to do so.

May God be glorified in what I share, and please note that I am not perfect in my theology or knowledge of God’s Word, so always go to God’s Word as the infallible Truth, and feel free to speak to any such perceived errors of mine.