At one of our Fostering Families meeting, Carroll Parker mentioned that the story of the Good Samaritan was a great story on fostering, and it just stuck with me. It’s a story where seemingly righteous people overlooked and ignored the man that was attacked, robbed, stripped, beaten and left half-dead. The priest and the Levite saw the man, but chose to avoid the opportunity to help. I have to believe that they were just too busy to help, as they were important men of power and position. Their lives were just too full of other religious activities to actually obey one of God’s greatest commandments, “love your neighbor as yourself.” 

We all know, it was the Samaritan, a person that was considered of little worth in the Jewish culture, who stopped to help. This Samaritan was a true picture of Christ in us, for when he saw the man in need, he was moved in his heart to take pity. Love moved the Samaritan to deny himself of his own needs, as gave the wounded his time, resources, money, and much more. Let’s face it, he went above and beyond!

There is another observation regarding this story. I can just imagine as the priest and the Levite walked by the wounded man, that they immediately judged the guy. I’m sure they simply supposed he was a drunk, or he was a thug that may have even gotten what he deserved. Of course the Samaritan didn’t care what happened. For all he knew, the guy could have been a drunk or a thug that got himself into trouble, but he helped and loved the man anyway! Too often we judge others and their situations and we find excuses to not get involved, yet the Samaritan just moved as the Lord led.

You see, we have wounded children in need here in Transylvania County that are on that same roadside. Every year dozens of kids right here on our county roads lay there, wounded physically, emotionally, or both. I’m vocal on this subject because I know here in Transylvania County we have Good Samaritans that would take action in a heartbeat if they saw a wounded kid on Main Street. Churches would stand tall in obedience to God’s call to take care of orphans and to love our neighbors as ourselves if we saw the children laying on the sidewalks of Broad Street! The challenge is we’re just not “seeing it”, … or maybe, some of us are, yet we’re just too busy.

In our Fostering Families meeting today, Angie Gillespie from Transylvania County DSS told us that in the last month or so, they have had to place 6 children in homes outside our county, because not one family in Transylvania County could take them. She’s actually had to spend the night with a couple of them in The Children’s Center downtown because there was nowhere else for them to go. Again, they will be placed somewhere else, sometimes it’s as far as Charlotte, Greenville, SC, or even over to TN for these kids to simply find shelter and a safe loving environment.

I share this story because the love of Christ compels me. My hope is that the love of Christ compels you as well to simply consider if God is calling you to join in on this amazing journey of being a resource for Fostering in Transylvania County. You can make a difference, even if you are not called to full-time Fostering. Please consider joining us on Thursday, June 8th, 6pm at Whitewater Cove (3127 New Hendersonville Hwy, Pisgah Forest) for a simple information session on how one can serve this need in our county in numerous ways. 

Please contact Alex Williams from Black Mountain Home for more details. Office: (828)686-3451